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What We Do

Syntegra Solutions mission is to provide quality IT services and solutions that optimize our customer’s ability to provide services to meet their customer’s business needs and give them a competitive edge. 

Syntegra has a broad range of services.  Our primary business is the design, implementation and support/monitoring of systems used by companies to produce work product and communicate with customers.  Much of our work focuses on Microsoft Windows-centric IT environments:

·         Microsoft Windows Server & Desktop operating systems

Syntegra excels and the design and implementation of “bread-and-butter” IT systems.  We excel in creating server-based systems that can adapt to the needs of your business, whether it’s a single site or global, multi-site environment.  Using Microsoft’s Active Directory and Windows Server operating system as the foundation, we know how to architect systems for optimal flexibility and performance.

In order to provide a consistent desktop experience for its users, most companies will create a “standard desktop image” that can be easily replicated and “pushed” to a PC at will.  This image can be a base OS image (e.g. Windows 7 Professional) with applications added to it via a software distribution mechanism, or a complete image which includes the OS and the company’s primary applications.  Syntegra will help your company make an informed decision on the best choice and build it to your specifications, including customized login scripts, and PC patch and systems management.  In many cases, company’s combine the standardized desktop approach with the concept of a virtual desktop, which can encompass the best of both worlds- a standardized desktop image with a more centralized management approach

We have worked with many organizations to accommodate mergers and acquisitions, by separating or melding disparate IT infrastructures together to accommodate changing business needs. 

·         Microsoft Application servers (Exchange email and SQL database)

Email continues to become the most critical application for communications, and downtime on this system is increasingly difficult to bear and can mean significant revenue loss for an organization.  Microsoft, with its latest version of Exchange , 2010, has built extensive email continuity features into the product.  Now companies that could never afford expensive SANs can implement resilient email systems using the built in email data replication feature.  Syntegra has experience implementing Exchange 2010, as well as migrating organizations from older versions of Exchange as well as other legacy e-mail systems such as Groupwise and Notes. 

·         Autonomy iManage document management systems and Matter Centric implementations

Syntegra Solutions consultants have worked with the Autonomy iManage Document Management System (DMS), the leading DMS in the legal market place, since it became commercially viable in the late 1990’s.  From upgrades to matter centric implementations to general iManage technical support, Syntegra Solutions has the knowledge to keep iManage operating optimally for your organization.

·         Design and Implementation of optimized and redundant LAN, WAN and VPN-based networks

Along with strategic equipment and services partners, Syntegra Solutions can provide full LAN/WAN network design and implementations.  From redundant internet and WAN connections to fully managed, out-of-band-network monitoring, WAN optimization internet security, and intrusion detection, Syntegra Solutions can provide organizations with best of breed solutions that have been proven time and time again in the field, eliminating hours, and in some cases days, of downtime due to telecommunications carrier or wiring issues.

·         Various market-specific applications such as Esquire iOffice and iManage (legal vertical)

·         Design and Implementation of Storage Area Networks

Along with strategic equipment and services partners, Syntegra Solutions can provide full SAN, replication and full disaster recovery / business continuity planning and solutions implementations.  With the advent of server virtualization and dropping storage prices, the cost to implement a SAN / share storage solution has never been lower!  Syntegra Solutions has helped companies develop specific recovery objectives (recovery point – RPO, and recovery time - RTO) and technical recovery “run books” in order to make disaster preparedness a reality, so that your business is protected should the worst ever happen!

·         Design and Implementation of Server & Desktop Virtualization products (VMWare, Xen/Citrix)

Syntegra Solutions consultants have been pioneers in the use of virtualization technologies, initially focusing on server-side virtualization to reduce server “sprawl” and promote a more compact and “greener” IT environment, as well as facilitate easier server management and disaster recovery.  We are experienced with VMWare vSphere and Citrix XenServer, in both Fibre Channel and ISCSI storage environments.

In more recent years, desktop virtualization has become more popular to ease desktop management concerns.  Syntegra Solutions has worked with both centralized desktop virtualization applications (Citrix Xen Desktop and Vmware View) and distributed client-side hypervisor approaches (Citrix Client and Virtual Computer NXTop).  Desktop virtualization and the various methods of achieving it all have their purposes.  Syntegra Solutions can assist in determining the best fit for your organization and implement each solution.

·         Standard Desktop Design, Development and Deployment Technologies

In conjunction with or separately from a desktop virtualization effort, Syntegra Solutions excels at creating standardized desktop images for distribution to client PC’s and/or thin client desktops.  This includes development and implementation of logins scripts, software update and distribution platforms, and custom “glue” code that make your desktop look and feel fully integrated.

·         Disaster Recovery Planning and Systems Implementation (snapshotting, replication, recovery)

·         Remote access

With strategic equipment and services partners, Syntegra Solutions can provide full remote access and two factor authentication with technologies from vendors such as Citrix, RSA, Juniper and Cisco.

While the large majority of software implemented by our customers is off the shelf commercial software, Syntegra Solutions major value-add is its familiarity with various market verticals and vertical-specific software tools, and its ability to customize and integrate various hardware and software components and make the systems operate seamlessly and effortlessly for end-users. 

Syntegra Solutions takes a realistic approach to projects.  If we do not feel that we can execute the project properly to both the satisfaction of our customer and ourselves, we will not take the project.  We merely want to ensure our customers have a great experience with us, and feel confident in recommending Syntegra Solutions to their colleagues.  In some cases we may use subcontractors with specific subject matter expertise in order to implement the best solution for a customer.  All in all, our goal is a happy, long term customer.  We hope you consider Syntegra Solutions for your next integration project

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